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Compulsory Girls Compete at Lafleurs Sweetheart Invite


A few weeks ago our Level 3,4, and 5 Girls at the Lafleurs Sweetheart Invite and had a great meet.  Our Level 4 Team took home a 3rd Place Trophy.  Here are our gymnasts who finished on the podium.

Level 4 Team 3rd Place

Maggie Slife (HL) – 3rd Place AA, & Vault, 2nd Place Bars

Kendyl Hahlen (FR) – 1st Place Vault

Nina Morrison (HL) – 1st Place Bars

Lily Stemper (HL) – 2nd Place AA, & Floor, 3rd Place Beam

Katie Harvat (HL) – 3rd Place Vault

Emma Van De Wetering (HL) – 1st place Vault

Kendall Fullerton (HL) – 3rd Place Floor

Ella Spilker (FR) – 3rd Place AA, & Vault

Jayden Sutton (FR) – 3rd Place Beam

Kylie Welker (FR) – 3rd Place Beam

Abby Krueger (OC) – 2nd Place Vault, Beam & Floor

Maddie Green (HL) – 3rd Place Vault

Norah Hazelton (HL) – 1st Place Vault

Anna Tominsek (FR) – 2nd Place AA, Vault & Beam

Olive Heindel (FR) – 1st Place Vault

Carlie Johnson (FR) – 3rd Place Bars

Level 5 Team

Sawyer Smith (HL) – 3rd Place Beam

Tia Dottl (HL) – 2nd place AA, & Vault, 3rd Place Bars, 1st Place Floor

Compulsory Season Kicks off at Oak Creek

Our Girls Compulsory Season started last weekend at home for our Oak Creek Gymnasts, at the Back to School Invite.  Our girls came out strong and confident and have made us all so proud.

The Level 4’s came home with a First Place Team Finish and 4 1st Place AA Finishers, and many top 3 AA finishes and Event Champions.  Here are the list of all of our Top 3 Finishers on each event and AA.

Maggie Slife- (Hartland)–  1st Place AA, 2nd Place Bars & Beam, 3rd Place Vault

Kendyl Hahlen- (OC/Franklin)- 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Vault & Beam, 3rd Place Floor

Carlie Johnson- (OC/Franklin) -2nd Place AA, 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place Floor

Jayden Sutton- (OC/Franklin)- 1st Place Floor, 2nd Place Beam

Samantha Attwell- (Hartland)- 2nd Place Vault

Natalie Hazelton- (Hartland)- 1st Place Vault

Emilie Rochon- (OC/Franklin)- 1st Place AA, Vault & Beam, 2nd Place Floor

Ella Spilker- (OC/Franklin)- 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Bars & Floor

Hannah Martini- (OC/Franklin)- 2nd Place Floor, 3rd Place Vault

Kylie Welker- (OC/Franklin)- 3rd Place Bars & Beam

Nina Morrison- (Hartland)- 1st Place AA, Bars & Floor, 2nd Place Beam, 3rd Place Vault

Olive Heindel- (OC/Franklin)- 1st Place Vault

Lauren Ewald- (Hartland)- 3rd Place Beam

Katyrena Hamp- (Hartland)- 3rd Place Bars

Katie Harvat- (Hartland)- 1st Place AA, Beam & Floor

Lily Stemper- (Hartland)- 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Bars

Kendall Fullerton- (Hartland)- 3rd Place AA, 2nd Place Bars, 3rd Place Floor

Emma Van de Wetering-(Hartland)- 2nd Place Vault, 3rd Place Beam

Allison Van de Wetering- (Hartland)- 1st Place Vault

Kaitlyn Lee- (OC/Franklin)- 1st Place Vault, 2nd Place Floor

The Level 5 Team came home with an awesome 2nd Place Finish, and many top 3 Event and AA Finishers.

Katherine Hoch- (OC/Franklin)- 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Bars

Sawyer Smith- (Hartland)- 2nd Place Beam & Floor

Grace Menzia- (OC/Franklin)- 3rd Place Beam, & Floor

Alexi Thorpe- (OC/Franklin)-  3rd Place AA

Tia Dottl- (Hartland)- 1st Place AA, Vault & Floor, 2nd Place Bars

Heather Fredette- (Hartland)- 2nd Place Floor, 3rd Place Vault

Emilee Thomas- (OC/Franklin)- 3rd Place Beam

Jordyn Wiencek- (OC/Franklin)- 3rd Place Floor

We only had a few Level 6 Gymnast so they didn’t compete in the Team Competition but they each did great in their individual  events.

Izzy Sirianni- (Hartland)- 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Vault, Bars & Floor

Mikayla Suprenant- (OC/Franklin)- 2nd Place Bars, 3rd Place Vault

We as coaches are so proud of how hard all of our teams have been working and are so excited for what has started as a great season, lets keep it going girls!!!

GO MWT!!!!