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Level 4 Girls Take 1st Place at WCGC…. & Level 5’s Take 3rd!!!

Last weekend the MWT Compulsory Girls competed at the WCGC Country Classic and hit a Team Personal Best scoring a 114.35.  Not only did the Level 4’s take home the 1st Place Trophy, we had 5 Gymnasts take home 1st AA in their age group.   Here are the podium finishers for Level 4.

Level 4 Team – 1st Place Team 114.325

Ella Spilker (FR) – 1st Place AA, Bars & Floor, 2nd Place Vault & Beam

Emily Rochon (FR) – 1st Place Vault

Maddie Green (HL) – 3rd Place AA, 2nd Place Beam

Sammy Attwell (HL) – 2nd Place Bars

An Hua (OC) – 3rd Place Vault

Natalie Hazelton (HL) – 1st Place Bars

Kendyl Hahlen (FR) – 1st Place AA, Vault & Beam, 2nd Place Floor, 3rd Place Bars

Maggie Slife (HL) – 2nd Place Beam

Ava Pesch (FR) – 2nd Place Vault

Lauren Pearson (OC) – 3rd Place Vault

Nina Morrison (HL) – 1st Place AA, & Floor, 2nd Place Vault & Bars

Lauren Ewald (HL) – 1st Place Bars

Olive Heindel (FR) – 1st Place Vault

McKenna Merlet (HL) – 1st Place Vault

Anna Tominsek (FR) – 2nd Place Floor

Katie Harvat (HL) – 1st Place AA, Vault & Floor

Lily Stemper (HL) – 2nd Place AA, & Floor, 3rd Place Beam

Kendall Fullerton (HL) – 3rd Place AA, & Floor, 2nd Place Bars & Beam

Emma Van De Wetering (HL) – 2nd Place Vault

Alisyn Haney (HL) – 2nd Place Bars

Kaitlin Lee (OC) – 1st Place Vault

Abby Kreuger (OC) – 1st Place AA, Beam & Floor, 2nd Place Vault

Level 5 Team – 3rd Place

Sawyer Smith (HL) – 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Beam, 3rd Place Floor

Katie Hoch (FR) – 3rd Place AA, 1st Place Bars

Tia Dottl (HL) – 1st Place AA, Bars, & Floor, 3rd Place Vault & Beam

Emilee Thomas (OC) – 3rd Place Vault & Floor

Heather Fredette (HL) – 1st Place Beam

Level 6

Alyssa Colla (OC) – 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Floor, 3rd Place Vault, Bars & Beam

Sydney Bauman (OC) – 1st Place Vault

Brooke Goedel (OC) – 2nd Place Vault