2020-2021 Seasonal Meet Information Updated

Thank you to everyone who go registered their athlete with USA Gymnastics. As we stated in the last post meets were filling fast. Unfortunately, the Altius Pink Meet (Levels 4,5 & Xcel) was already full before we were able to register so we will be unable to attend. We have added the M&M Challenge Invite for Level 4,5 and Xcel to our schedule, it is January 29 through 31st to replace the Altius Meet. It is a change in the weekend we were planning. If this is an issue for you please send me an email right away so I can scratch your gymnast. If it is not there is no need to do anything. The Google Form and Schedule below reflect the change so if you haven’t filled it out yet please do so immediately.

The M&M Invite is already full, so if you have not renewed the USA Gymnastics Membership for your athlete we can not guarantee them a spot in that meet. We will request they get on the waitlist once they have an active membership. All other meets are filling extremely quickly so again there is no guarantee that you will get into those meets either.

Meet Schedule for all levels is below, please click the link to see it. All meets are required this year as we have a limited number of meets available. With meets being smaller this year it will be important to register right away so please make sure your USA Gymnastics Membership is up to date.

2020-2021 UPDATED MWT HL Meet Schedule

2020-2021 Level 6 -10 Meet Confirmation Form

2020-2021 Level 4, 5 & Xcel Meet Confirmation

Our Seasonal Fee is below. The first payment will be due on October 15th.  Unfortunately we did not have the fee chart out in time. If you would like to make your first payment by check at this time you can, or we will begin withdrawals on November 1st. There will then be 2 withdrawals in November one on the 1st and the second on the 15th.  Again you can make your payment at the front desk by check or cash before the 1st if you would like.  Our Automatic withdrawal form is linked below. If you choose the Automatic Withdrawal option withdrawals will be taken on the 15th of each month from October November through January. The minimum monthly payment is $250, this may leave you with a larger payment in January to be sure your paid in full by January 15th. You can also choose to split your payments evenly over the 4 month period having each payment larger than $250. If you do not wish to enroll in Automatic withdrawals you will need to make your first payment of $250 on November 1st and full seasonal payment by November 15th.


2020-2021 Seasonal Fee Chart

Uniform Information: Coming Soon