Chellsie Challenge Schedule and Super Team Challenge

January 19th through 21st

OAW Indoor Sports Complex

Meet Website

Xcel Silver – Saturday, January 20th – 2:00 pm

Level 4 – Friday, January 19th – 8:30 am

Level 6 – Saturday, January 20th – 8:00 am

Level 7 – Saturday, January 20th – 11:30 am

Level 8 & 10 – Friday, January 19th – 12:00 pm

Level 9 – Friday, January 19th – 3:45 pm

Chellsie Super Team Challenge Levels 4-10 – Saturday, January 20th – 5:45 pm (sign up required)- Information Below

We have an exciting opportunity for our Level 4 through 10 athletes. At this year’s Chellsie Challenge there will be a Super Team Challenge on Saturday evening, January 20th. This year’s theme is NEON!! So get your Neon Tutu’s, headbands and apparel ready to go!

The Super Team Challenge is a chance for athletes of different levels to compete together as a Midwest Twisters Super Team. We will need different levels represented to be eligible, and there are only 24 Team Spots Available. Six athletes will compete on each event, and different levels have to be represented on each event. Therefore, Coaches will decide what event/events each athlete will be competing on, athletes will find out during warmups which event or events they will be doing. If you are interested in having your athlete participate please sign up on the google form below. We do not have space to accommodate all of our athletes so the team will be put together on a first come first serve basis to fill the the team with appropriate levels.

Sign My Gymnast up for Super Team Challenge

If you are not interested in participating there is nothing to fill out.

The Super Team Challenge will be in addition to their regular session.

For more information on the Super Team Competition please see the High 5 website the link is below.

High 5 Meets – Chellsie Challenge Website

Please sign up early if you are interested in having your athlete participating. We will confirm those competing in early January.

There is an additional charge to participate. The additional cost is $25/athlete. This will be charged on January 15th for any participating athletes.

Athletes Doing the Super Team Challenge are listed below:

We are full for Level 4’s on our Super Team, if any Level 7, 8, 9 or 10’s would like to add we can use more, please email [email protected] if you would like to add your athlete.

Genevieve MuellerLevel 4
Kinley LehrerLevel 4
Vera GrutzLevel 8
Nora GrutzLevel 4
Lily SchoonoverLevel 7
Makaylee HoffmanLevel 6
Katelyn PoehneltLevel 4
Anna SchmidtLevel 4
Abbey TeschLevel 4
Emmy AnelloLevel 4
Ella WarhanekLevel 4
Kenzington BurkeeLevel 4
Aurora BednarkLevel 4
Abby SprangersLevel 9
Josie VentoLevel 4
Layla SlifeLevel 10