Kupets Pink Gymnastics Invitational

March 1st through 3rd

Meet Website

Meet Site – Savannah Convention and Trade Center

Meet Schedule

Travel Information Form

Below I will put a quick reference of our competition schedule. We are also looking into planning our team dinner and an activity for the trip. If you could please fill out the travel information form as soon as possible so we can find the best times to do our Team Dinner. Our team dinner is always open to anyone traveling or visiting with you, so if you have additional family please add them to the count of those traveling.

Level 6 – Friday, March 1st – Session 04A – 5:30 pm

Level 7 – Saturday, March 2nd – Session 05B – 8:00 am

Level 8 – Saturday, March 2nd – Session 06C – 11:15 am

Level 9 – Saturday, March 2nd – Session 07B – 2:30 pm

Level 10 – Saturday, March 2nd – Session 08A – 6:00 pm

Team Activities for the trip:

We understand that all families have different travel arrangements so not all activities will be for everyone, we are just sending out what we are able to do with the meet schedule and our travel schedule.

We will be heading to Tybee Island on Thursday, February 29th. We do not have any exact plans or times for this yet. You will need a car to drive to the beach. Once we have exact plans we will send another email to those interested in attending. You can let us know in the lunch confirmation email if your interested in going to the beach.

We will be doing a Ghost Tour on Thursday, February 29th at 8:00 pm. You can book this on your own if you are arriving before this time, just let me know you booked so we know you are coming. The link to book is below. We are doing the Grave Tales Ghost Tour. If you can’t attend Thursday feel free to get a group together to do the tour Friday or Saturday night with other families. If you want me to send out a message for the other tours let me know and we can add it to this message.


Thursday Ghost Tour Families: Slife, Sprangers, Gotzler, Chuckle, Schmieding, Suarez

Our Team Meal will be Friday, March 1st at 1:00 pm before the Level 6’s compete that evening. Please email [email protected] to let us know how many you will have attending lunch. We are in the process of securing a location and an exact number will be helpful. Please email before Monday, February 19th to be counted. Please title the email Lunch Confirmation for Savannah.