Level 4 Fall Season Update

State Meet Results

Our athlete’s made incredible progress throughout the fall season. We took 7th place out of 23 teams at Level 4! Our team was the 3rd highest on vault and we tied for 5th on bars.

Please check out the team results at the following link…


What’s Next

We still have 3 meets left for our Level 4 team. We are going to make some tweaks to our lesson planning based on the fall season so we can drive into the spring season.

Team vs. Individual

The State Meet is all about coming together as a team. This means that throughout November we pushed the Level 4 athletes very hard to try to become one of our “team scores” on any event that they could. The team score is built from the top 3 scores on each event. A top level team needs at least 5 high scoring athletes on each event as all athletes make mistakes.

The spring season for Level 4 is all about improving each and every athlete regardless of ability or performance.

Is Winning Required?

Winning at the lower levels is fun… but not required. In fact… many of our top upper level athletes were not that great at the lower levels. Our #1 goal for our Level 4’s is to give them the tools to become an optional level athlete (Level 6/7).

Depending on goals… winning could be required as the athlete moves into the world of upper level gymnastics. If an athlete is looking to do college gymnastics… solid performance at Level 10 is required. College recruiting is based almost completely on the ability to hit routines under pressure (scores at championship competitions). Scholarship or walk-on… almost all colleges recruit for all spots on their team. At most colleges you cannot just “walk-on” to a gymnastics team the first day of practice… you must be a high performing Level 10 that has been recruited.