Team Update from Head Coach Justin

Emailed to Families on February 17, 2021
Team Family,
We had a blast at the competition this past weekend with excellent improvements from the team.
I wanted to take some time to update everyone on a couple of quick items.  Below are the items…
  • We will NOT be attending Xcel Regionals in Iowa
    • You will NOT be charged for this meet and we will also be refunding $50 of the seasonal fee back to your individual account if your child is currently competing in the Xcel program.
    • Xcel Platinum and certain Xcel Gold athletes will be contacted with an option to shift over to the Developmental (formerly JO) Program to compete in Level 4 / 5 Wisconsin State Championships.
  • Team System Shift
    • Our team has been undergoing a long and planned change that started 5 years ago.  With everything that has happened over the last year… we feel that right now is the time to assume our new form as a team program.  This change will align all of our team athletes in the same system.  There will now be only one singular path through our team program.
    • MWT Level Path
        • Xcel Bronze (5 – 7 year olds only)
        • Xcel Silver
        • Xcel Gold (Silver athletes will now progress straight to Level 4 or compete another year of Silver)
        • Level 4
        • Level 5
        • Level 6 (athletes may or may NOT compete this level as no mobility score is required)
        • Level 7
        • Level 8
        • Level 9
        • Level 10
    • What Changed?
      • We will no longer be competing in the Xcel Platinum or Diamond levels.  After obtaining a Level 4 mobility score… athletes from these levels will be shifted over to our Level 5 / 6 program so that they have the opportunity to progress to any level of gymnastics that they desire.
More information about the program and exact options and expectations for your child will be provided as we move forward.
Please email me directly at [email protected] with any questions.  I will be more than happy to go over the plan for each and every athlete.
Thank You,
Justin Slife
Head Coach
MWT Lake Country